Who Should Read This?

Who Should Read This?

Obviously the target audience is people who are diagnosed with liver disease or cirrhosis.

If you are looking for signs, symptoms, or otherwise proof of your condition, this is probably not the place for you. Liver disease is pretty unambiguous. If you have it, you know all about it.

If it is marginal or equivocal then probably some life-style changes are all you need to correct whatever problems you are experiencing! Your liver is expert at sorting itself out as long as you are kind to it.

For those of use who are unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with liver disease, the way forward is anything but straight forward!

First the issue is understanding what the disease is all about.

Second there are the symptoms you are unfortunately either experiencing or soon going to.

Third there is the explanation of what is happening inside you.

Fourth you need to understand what your doctor is treating you with and why.

Fifth, you need to know what you can do for yourself in this battle.

Sixth…. well there are many more things to cover so let’s make a start!

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