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B. The Early Days

B. The Early Days When I started out on this journey through the land of cirrhosis in November 2008 I was terrified. Terrified of the unknown, terrified of the consequences and terrified because I didn’t know which way to turn, what questions to ask or where this was all leading me. Then the symptoms started…

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C. Cirrhosis – My Overview

C. Cirrhosis – Overview In order to begin to understand about cirrhosis and why the disease is quite so devastating we need to start with the liver. To many of us, myself included our first introduction to a liver was some rather nasty, chewy, grayish, brownish offal that was served up at school lunches. Onions…

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D. Learning to Live With Cirrhosis

My research into cirrhosis continued unabated. I learnt that the swelling in my stomach/abdomen was caused by ascites. i read all I could about the problem and frankly didn’t like what I was reading. I read about the fluid being drained off and the inherent dangers of doing so. I suppose when we operate in…

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