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So Why These Articles?

Liver disease or cirrhosis is a very complex subject. Indeed the liver is a very complex organ (or gland), it is arguably as complex as the brain and certainly less understood.

When issues start occurring with your liver the effects can be devastating and potentially deadly. Your liver controls around 500 different functions within the body ranging from filtration, detoxifying, waste disposal, cleansing, managing body chemicals, production of enzymes, control of hormones, energy conversion etc etc. Your liver is the powerhouse of your body. Your brain may think it controls everything, but in fact your liver is the one in control!

Over the last 3 years or so I have amassed a huge number of articles about liver disease, exploring all aspects of it. However, the mass of information quickly becomes overwhelming, daunting, frightening and at times, contradictory.

These articles set out to explain in simple, non-technical terms what is happening when liver disease is diagnosed. It goes on to suggest ways that the liver can be treated and life extended. It explains the things that the doctor doesn’t tell you and it blows away some of the myths and common misconceptions.

A further reason for writing these articles is the huge number of people who come to my site looking for answers about what their life expectancy is with the disease. It is rather enlightening that the one question people should be getting answers for from their doctors is the one question they still ask.

Doesn’t that suggest that either the doctors aren’t explaining things too well, not at all or they are not convincing in what they say?

Unfortunately for many, it is once the doctor’s consultations begin that their condition truly starts to deteriorate. 

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