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Treating Hep C: Effective but Expensive

Last month, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved another in a series of medicines that have dramatically changed the outlook for those diagnosed with hepatitis C. Epclusa is a single pill taken once a day for 12 weeks. It is the first drug to clear all six strains of the virus in up to…

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The Drug Costs $95K. Its Maker 'Dodged' $10B in Taxes

A pharmaceutical company that has in recent years made billions of dollars on hepatitis C treatments—the three the FDA has approved range from $75,000 to $94,500—has been named a “price gouger” and “tax dodger” in a new report. Gilead Sciences, the sixth richest drugmaker in the world, “is making a fortune selling essential drugs to…

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FDA approves first pill to treat all forms of hepatitis C

Federal health officials on Tuesday approved the first pill to treat all major forms of hepatitis C, the latest in a series of drug approvals that have reshaped treatment of the liver-destroying virus. The Food and Drug Administration approved the combination pill, Epclusa, from Gilead Sciences, for patients with and without liver damage. The new…

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