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Age, not sex affects UDCA response in patients with PBC

Primary Biliary Cholangitis Older and increasing age among patients with primary biliary cholangitis correlated with a better response to ursodeoxycholic acid treatment and lower rates of liver transplantation and mortality compared with younger age, whereas sex did not affect outcomes, according to a recently published study. “Our data suggests that younger patients should be monitored…

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'Deranged liver blood tests' – diagnosing primary biliary cholangitis

‘Deranged liver blood tests’ – diagnosing primary biliary cholangitis 22 October 2018 In the first of a new gastroenterology clinic series, Dr Amine Benmassaoud and Dr Emmanuel Tsochatzis discuss a case of unusual liver bloods       Case A 54 year old lady with hypothyroidism on levothyroxine, osteopenia on calcium and vitamin D, and…

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Long-term obeticholic acid treatment

Long-term obeticholic acid treatment leads to reversal or stabilization of fibrosis/cirrhosis in patients with PBC European Association For The Study Of The Liver 13 April 2018, Paris, France: The first results from the POISE biopsy sub-study have today confirmed that long-term treatment with obeticholic acid (OCA) leads to the reversal or stabilization of fibrosis/cirrhosis in…

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