More on Coffee

More on Coffee

Wow, that is so interesting!

I used to be a coffee fiend, drinking coffee very morning but 2-3 years ago, for some reason I stopped. I started drinking water in the morning thinking it was better for me.I hear so much about research into the benefits of coffee drinking.

The USA is big on coffee compared with the UK, but alcohol consumption is probably similar.I have heard form some fairly heavy coffee imbibers on this site so I can’t see the effect can be very dramatic,Must put coffee on the shopping list though.

Researchers in the United States have found another good reason to go to the local espresso bar: several cups of coffee a day could halt the progression of liver disease, a study showed Wednesday. I am now up to drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day again.

These are the benefits of coffee consumption for the liver I have so far read about.

1) Improved liver functions evidence by lower ALT levels among heavy alcohol drinkers

2) Significantly decreased lower rates of the development of cirrhosis for heavy drinkers who drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day – heavy drinkers who drank 5 cups a day or more had an 80 percent decreased risk of developing cirrhosis.

3) Significantly decreased rates of people developing liver cancer in proportion to the amount of coffee regularly consumed.

4) And the most recent study which I posted on this thread regarding those with Advanced Liver Disease who drank 3 cups of coffee a day cut the chances of their disease progressing by more than half!The evidence how coffee consumption is beneficial to the liver is quite overwhelming.

What adds to the credibility and promise of these studies is that there have been multiple studies conducted on human beings over the past ten years that continue to find the same thing!

This can be no fluke.

Why doctors and the medical establishment are not promoting coffee consumption as a treatment to improve liver function, prevent liver cancer, and prevent further progression of Advanced Liver Disease is intriguing to say the least.

Over the next few weeks I will compile a list of all of the links to both news articles as well as some of the research studies themselves for all of the members here to read for themselves.

So far, it appears that many of the researchers seem to believe that it’s the caffeine that is somehow producing these benefits. So if you are not a coffee drinker, perhaps you could increase your caffeine intake through other beverages.

However, some believe that there may be some antioxidant properties in the coffee itself that may be producing these benefits. Had to cut back on my coffee consumption because it appears to increase my blood pressure. I now have one regular cup in the morning, and then I switched to Decaf for the rest of the day.

Dunkin Donuts Coffee is the only way to go.

Anyway, hoping that the scientists who beleive that its the antioxiadant properties in the coffee and not the caffeine are the ones that are right. As I mentioned on another thread, there are more than 1,000 compounds in coffee for which caffeine comprises only 2 percent. So it is very plausible that there could be something else in coffee other than caffeine that provides the proven health benefits to the liver.