UK Guidelines for Transplant Criteria

cannabisI’m looking into the subject of cannabis use to try and ascertain what the official position is on whether use of cannabis prior to transplant is acceptable or is grounds for refusing a transplant.

In the US, I have not been able to find an authority who decides such things and currently it appears that the decision is down to individual transplant centers even in the States where cannabis is legal.

Bottom line is, if in doubt, check with your Doctor/Transplant Center…..

In the UK, things are (as usual) much simpler and from the following paper, effective February 2015 it appears that occasional cannabis use is not deemed grounds for refusal for a transplant. However, if it is felt that the use is more than occasional  or heavy then this may have an impact on the transplant decision.

Anyway, it is up to y’all to make sure where you stand both in terms of smoking and eating cannabis!

Liver Transplantation: Selection Criteria and Recipient Registration


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