Q. My Lifesaver

Q. My Lifesaver

Alcoholic Cirrhosis as a Syndrome.

This article, this paper, this collection of words written by ‘someone’ I knew not, saved my life. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that had I not found this incredible piece of work I would have died.

To my certain knowledge it has not only saved my life but also the lives of many others. People, like myself who have thrown caution to the wind along with their doctor’s advice and gone with simple remedies to turn their health around.

But this goes much, much deeper. For, as it discusses in the article, if people who were thought to be at risk from cirrhosis were immediately put onto a regimen of Vitamin C and B-Complex then their progression to End Stage Liver Disease may be halted in its tracks.

If the ideas contained within this paper would medically accepted, many people would never need a transplant, many may never get truly ill and many may not die.

How many people have died because the medical profession have forgotten basic medicine and refuse to practice lessons taught from long, long ago?

When will modern medicine start treating people with effective remedies even though they don’t exist in the Medical Journals of today.

When will doctors stop prescribing from the ‘Book on How Not to get Sued’?

Friends of mine have called me up, scared, worried having been diagnosed with End Stage Liver Disease. They have asked me for help and advice and all I have to do is point them at the same article that saved me. They too have been saved and make remarkable recoveries. This is not smoke and mirrors, snake oil or blowing smoke up someones ass. This stuff works!

The sad (or even sadder) thing is that still many people I recommend to read this article never go with it’s advice because they consult their doctor first and their doctor tells them not to do it. Their doctor gives them advice not out of knowledge but out of ignorance.

More is known about the inner workings of the brain than is known about the liver. Even so-called liver specialists know very little. So doctors don’t treat, specialists don’t understand and when all fails, as it invariably does the patient either gets to see a plumber, sorry surgeon, or the inside of a coffin.

But this article goes further, far further. It’s title would suggest that this is a treatment for Alcoholic Cirrhosis, which it is, but cirrhosis is cirrhosis whatever the root cause. Scar tissue is scar tissue and the inability for the liver to function because of it is common to everyone who suffers from liver disease.

Just as this article suggests remedies for Alcoholic Cirrhosis it also stands that these same remedies are equally applicable to those who have become cirrhotic via Hepatitis or Wilson’s disease, Primary Biliary Cirrhosis or Cryptogenic Cirrhosis. A good friend of mine who sadly passed away late last year also believed and practiced what is preached in this article despite him having Hepatitis C. I would add that his condition had been going on for years and culminated not only in very advanced cirrhosis but also liver cancer.

Surely everyone who is deemed at risk from cirrhosis should be advised to go onto a vitamin regimen as a way of slowing or even halting the progression of the disease?

I have one ‘regret’ – if it can be termed a such. I never experienced bad or serious hepatic encephalopathy. What a strange thing to regret!!! But ever since I began my research into this horrible disease I have been horrified at the prescribed use of Lactulose to ‘treat’ hepatic encephalopathy. Early into my research I wrote  four blogs about the evils of HE and lactulose.

In this article it talks about treating HE with Ascorbic Acid – creating the acid environment needed to leech out toxins, but without killing the patient. Had I experienced serious HE I would have certainly tried this approach. I could have proven to myself (and others) that it worked. To my own knowledge only one person I know of has tried this approach and it did work. It took some time to get there but eventually they were able to give up taking the foul lactulose.

So, returning to the article under discussion, I had many questions about it.

Who wrote it?

Were they a doctor or a medical person?

Were they a disgruntled doctor venting over the ignorance of the medical profession?

Were they a fellow sufferer?

I researched long and hard into these questions, I wanted to know who had written this incredible piece of work, who had saved my life.

I wanted more than anything to reach out and talk to this person, to thank them from the very bottom of my heart, to tell them how their work had transformed my life and the lives of others as well.

I did find out – I don’t give up easily and the next blog will tell the story of the remarkable man who wrote this remarkable paper called ‘Alcoholic Cirrhosis as a Syndrome’.

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