Is there proof that vaccinations are harmful?

I post this article because I am increasingly concerned at the levels of auto-immune disease that to me anyway, seems to be exploding. Celiac’s Disease, Auto-Immune Hepatitis, Primary Biliary Cholangitis – all on the up. Why?

Genetic issues do not account for the increase in these diseases, something else is involved. Some people are pointing the finger at vaccinations.

The Truth About Vaccines That They Don't Want You To Know.Is there proof that vaccinations are harmful? Is anti-vaccination the way to go?

The Truth About Vaccines That They Don’t Want You To Know.

Is there proof that vaccinations are harmful?

Mother watches her baby receiving a childhood vaccination.

Constantly we hear about vaccinations and how they actually do the body more harm than good. But just how valid is what we hear? Is it true that the government is withholding information from us; facts that could even possibly save our lives? And if it the government is keeping the information from us, the million dollar question is, why?

A lot of talk is focused on the pharmaceutical corporations and their trillion dollar industry in the production of vaccinations. Many think that this business is so big and so powerful that no matter how harmful some vaccinations may be this money making establishment will continue.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) reviewed more than 1000 vaccine cases and determined that there is evidence that there have been specific adverse events associated with 8 different vaccines. These vaccines are the ones given to protect against communicable diseases: measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), varicella (chickenpox), influenza, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, HPV, diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis (DtaP), and meningococcal. The cases the IOM reviewed were the ones people had submitted vaccine injury claims to the Federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) in 2011 and they found a correlation between certain vaccines and adverse outcomes.

Harmful outcomes of some vaccinations………………….

  • Varicella zoster infection after receiving the chickenpox or varicella zoster vaccines and later infection resulting in pneumonia, encephalitis, meningitis or hepatitis in individuals with demonstrated immunodeficiency.
  • Encephalitis, febrile seizures (a type of seizure that occurs in infants and young children in association with fever) and temporary joint pain (arthralgia) in children and women after receiving the MMR vaccine.
  • A severe potentially life-threatening allergic reaction (anaphylaxis shock) is associated with six types of vaccinations: the MMR, varicella zoster (chickenpox), influenza, Hepatitis B, meningococcal, and tetanus-containing vaccines. And the HPV vaccine is also linked to anaphylaxis shock in people who are sensitive to yeast.
  • Respiratory syndrome characterized by conjunctivitis, facial swelling, and mild respiratory symptoms have been associated with influenza vaccines.
  • Mild adverse effects such as muscle inflammation at the injection site and sudden fainting once injected occur sometimes when vaccines are given.

Some individuals are more prone to adverse reactions than others…………..

Adverse reactions to vaccinations are not black and white situations and research has determined that many individuals who do experience adverse reactions, have a distinct predisposition; putting them at a higher risk for developing acute and chronic health problems. This predisposition is due to several factors such as genetic variations within populations, age at the time of getting vaccinated, immune deficiencies, coinciding infections/illnesses, and other environmental exposures, such as toxins, traumas, etc.

The same research institution, (IOM) that determined there was a correlation between adverse reactions (brain inflammation, febrile seizures and potentially life-threatening infections like pneumonia and meningitis), and some vaccines, is the same research institution that later concluded there was inadequate evidence to accept or reject a correlation. The IOM came to this conclusion after their review of more than 100 adverse reactions reported. Unfortunately, no research has proven that there is a definite relationship between some vaccines and adverse outcomes. And because of this, the health profession has dismissed any theory that comes forward with reference to the opposite. Barbara L Fisher,founder of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), stated: “The truth is, nobody knows how many vaccine victims there are in America, how many of the 1 in 6 learning disabled children; or the 1 in 9 with asthma; or the 1 in 100 who develop autism; or the 1 in 450 who become diabetic, can trace their chronic inflammation, disease and disability back to vaccine reactions that have been dismissed by public health officials and doctors for the past century as just “a coincidence.”

Vaccines and autism………….

The US Anti-Vaccination Movement is an organization that consists of doctors, celebrities, and anti-government conspiracy theorists. They believe that autism is caused from childhood vaccines. Most anti-vaccination individuals believe that the compound Thimerosal led to an increase in autism cases and hold the MMR vaccine as the culprit. However, no vaccine licensed since 1999 has contained Thimerosal as a preservative, except for a few multi-dose vaccines HIB and influenza. According to the CDC, since 1999, autism has not declined and this theory have been dis-proven in multiple scientific and legal examinations of the evidence; claiming that the scientific reason for the increase in autism diagnoses is due to more disorders being included in the Autism Spectrum and doctors getting better at diagnosing the characteristics of autism. However, the published disproved connection has not stopped the US Anti-Vaccination Movement from claiming the MMR vaccination is linked to the development of autism.

Is anti-vaccination the way to go?

The Anti-Vaccine Body Count website has published the following statistics: from June 2008-July 2015 there were more than 150, 000 preventable diseases and during this same time period more than 9,000 people died from preventable diseases. Now it is evident that conflicting information is published; some supporting vaccinations and other that does not. This conflicting info makes it difficult to make the right decision and how do we know we can trust everything that is published; whether it is for or against vaccines?

Every individual has the right to make decisions regarding their physical and mental well-being. If you, one of your family members chooses not to receive vaccinations or if you choose not to have your children vaccinated, you must find an alternative measure to keep you, and/or your family member’s immune system boosted to fight off communicable diseases. There are natural vaccination alternatives available for you and your family so support your choice and take advantage of the alternatives that are within your reach. Don’t sit back and do nothing!

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