be like a duck

Feel like a Duck!

be like a duckBusy couple of weeks ahead with lots of appointments come through at the same time. Works out I have 4 appointments in 3 hospitals over 5 days!

My legs have broken out in mass bruising. I feel them getting hot and then these bruises erupt. I saw my  doctor today who I felt was quietly concerned. I wasn’t going to go as I’m due at liver clinic next week.

He  felt my liver area which felt really tender, I hadn’t noticed how tender it was.
He asked me lots of questions, then it occurred to me he was checking my mental responses.

I told him how my stomach had swollen one night to a rock hard mass like a heavily pregnant tummy with such pain and discomfort I was taken to my knees. He’s a good doctor and I trust his judgment….he looked concerned today. He said he would like some blood tests done and I should make an appointment, usually it takes a few days to get booked in but he rang through himself there and then, I was seen 5 minutes later!

I feel a little like a duck on water with that slow controlled glide on the water with my legs going like the clappers under the water! I felt very conscious he was preparing me for a deterioration, listing a number of situations he wanted me to be aware of.

Swimming is cancelled, not in the mood. Still haven’t done any exercise for about 4 weeks.

I hope I can get back into it.

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