high fiber diet

The Simple 4 Rule Diet For Preventing Fatty Liver Disease

high fiber dietThe Simple 4 Rule Diet

By Christine Mcveigh

Most people think a liver detox diet is only for losing a few pounds, getting more energy in your day and cleaning out your organs – a mini spring clean for the body.

But more and more people are now being diagnosed with fatty liver disease and a liver detox diet can really help you get your tired liver back from the path that leads to liver disease. You will find that a strict diet for fatty liver will not be necessary if you follow the simple rules below.

Fatty liver is a disease caused by fat build up in the liver cells. The first problem with a fatty liver is that it has no specific liver disease symptoms and is virtually undetectable unless you specifically take an ultra sound. The second problem is that a fatty liver is first step towards developing liver cirrhosis, cancer of the liver and even liver failure.

It is unusual for anyone to self diagnose fatty liver disease. Without symptoms, what do you look for? And if there are no symptoms when do you see your doctor for a consultation? Once diagnosed by a doctor the plan for recovery will be a step by step guide to get you back to full health. That is if it is not too late.

A preventative course of action is the best liver disease treatment you could ever is to look at your diet. Take a good look at what you eat and you will quickly know whether you need a diet for fatty liver. It is well documented that the liver can grow if looked after – even in the case of alcoholics – but you need a plan, discipline and action. Ready?

You will create a ‘foods to avoid’ and a ‘foods to eat’ list. This will not only help your general health but will help your fatty liver to recover and heal itself. Depending on you state of health you will feel a difference – once your liver detox diet kicks into play and your body releases some of the garbage it’s been storing in your liver and other organs.

Here are four basic foods you should add to your liver detox diet for fatty liver;

1. High fiber foods

Increase foods containing high fiber help the digestion process to burn and eliminate excess fats stored in the liver cells. This also means reducing low fiber foods which generally covers all fast foods and highly processed foods including any alcohol, breads, crackers, fried foods or desserts.

2. Foods low in calories

Increase foods that are low in calories. This will not only help you lose weight and excess fats in your liver but will alleviate any stress on your heart muscle also dealing with excess fats in your body.

3. Foods low in saturated fat

Increase food with low saturated fats levels. This means reading labels on every can, packet and container you buy. Many processed foods are relatively high in saturated fats. So start reading the fine print on the back of packets and get control of your fatty liver.

4. Reduce total fats to 30 percent of total daily calorie intake

This will take some discipline – especially if you are used to eating any thing and everything in your way. Start by doing a daily calorie count. Then look at the fat content and reduce it. Then reduce it again. And again – until you get control over your fat intake and relieve the stress on your liver with lots of natural detox drinks so you never have to worry about looking for liver disease symptoms and never diagnosed with a fatty liver or any of its evil cousins, liver cirrhosis, cancer of the liver or liver failure.

A preventative diet for fatty liver like the simple one listed above will help you reduce your liver fat levels so you never get any type of diet liver disease.