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Welcome to Livers With Life!

This site is most likely unique in that many of the contributors are 'survivors' of End Stage Cirrhosis or winners in the fight against the many forms of Fatty Liver Disease.

End Stage Liver Disease is 'untreatable' and 'irreversible'. That is what the medical profession says. The medical profession is correct except that what they should say is "to the limits of our knowledge, End Stage Liver Disease is 'untreatable' and 'irreversible'".

You see, we know differently. Our contributors to this site have not only survived, but thrived! They have gone from medically hopeless cases to being well, to the shock and amazement of their doctors.

On the Fatty Liver side of things, we have contributors who have beaten their fibrosis, have become fit and well and given a new lease on life.

That's why the site is called 'Livers With Life'.



Liver Disease

Of all the major diseases in the world, liver disease is the only one who's rate is increasing.

Although the clear-up rate of Hepatitis C induced liver disease has now dramatically increased, the incidence of Alcoholic Cirrhosis and Fatty Liver Disease, fueled by the obesity crisis has exploded.

More young people are dying from Alcoholic Cirrhosis and older people are being hit by Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer due to Fatty Liver Disease.

These facts speak for themselves but at Livers With Life, we believe that more is going on and people are getting sick not because they drink too much or eat too much. We believe our whole environment is making people sick. From our food supply, food additives, agriculture sprays and insecticides, genetic modification of food.

From the medicines that wreak untold damage on our bodies, the pharmaceutical industry regarding people as a cash cow and the dreadful indifference in the medical profession to the understanding, recognition and treatment of liver disease.

Here at Livers With Life we go further than other liver disease sites. We have testimonials from people who have survived this disease, once thought to be untreatable and irreversible by the medical profession. We understand how to tackle this disease and we can educate people to turn their lives around and get better.

We hope that by publishing and promoting this site we can make people aware of the dangers of dying through liver and other diet related diseases and also spread awareness on how such diseases can be successfully fought.

We do emphasize that the articles published here are NOT medical advice or recommendations. The articles are for education and enlightenment and it is important to seek guidance from your doctor before changing any aspect of your health or treatment regime.